Context of The Christian's new and complete family Bible : Or, Universal Library of Divine Knowledge. Containing the sacred texts of the Old and New Testaments, with the Apocrypha, at Large. Illustrated with notes and annotations, historical, chronological, biographical, geographical, theological, moral, systematical, practical, admonitory, divine, and explanatory. In which the most difficult passages are rendered clear and familiar, the seeming contradictions reconciled, the mis-translations rectified, and important truths confirmed, so as to confute the insidel, dispel the mists of darkness, enlighten the ignorant, encourage the diffident, reclaim the vicious, reconcile the doubtful, lead the wavering into the paths of truth, and implant in the mind of every Christian that divine knowledge which is essentially necessary to salvation. Forming a complete treasury of divine revelation. To which is added, at the end of each book, a summary of the doctrines contained therein, being a full explanation of the various books in the old and new testaments. And, as a farther illustration, will be given a general index, or concordance, clearly pointing out every material transaction recorded in the sacred writings. A chronological index of transactions from Adam to the time of our blessed Saviour. A geographical index of places mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. A full explanation of the proper names in the scriptures, with their significations, &c. A brief account of the apostles and their successors, who propagated the Christian religion, by presiding over the Apostolic Churches of Antioch, Jerusalem, &c. The whole forming a complete body of Christian Divinity, explained and illustrated in such a manner, as to guide the reader through the paths of happiness in this world, and lead him to the mansions of eternal bliss in that which is to come. By the Rev. Thomas Bankes, of St. Mary Hall, Oxon; vicar of Dixton, in Monmouthshire; and morning and afternoon preacher at Hampstead. Embellished and enriched with upwards of three hundred and fifty engravings, illustrating the various transactions recorded in the sacred writings, from Genesis to the end of the revelations

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