Context of Historia compendiosa anglicana: or, A compendious history of England : wherein is contained, an account of its rulers, or Kings, from about the year of the creation 2851, in the time of the prophet Samuel, to the year of salvation, 1741. Adorn'd with portraitures, at length, of those monarchs, who have sway'd the British sceptre since the conquest: the history of the Kings of Scotland, from the reign of Pergus, Anno Mundi 3618, 'till King James the First united that Crown to the English Diadem: and an impartial account of the Roman Pontiffs, from St. Peter's crucifixion, to the present Benedict XIV. Who was lately elected. As likewise a succinct history of Rome, from its foundation by Romulus 'till the fall of King Tarquin, occasion'd by the rape of chast Lucretia: an account of the Consulate, Triumviarte, Higher and Lower Empires; the removal of the imperial seat to Constantinople; division of the Eastern and Western Empires; dissolution of the former by the Turks; with the rise of the Mahometans, and the lives of their Emperors, to this day. To which is annex'd, an appendix, relating to York, and those illustrious personages that have proved inestimable blessings to this extensive county; particularly, a mournful trebute due to the ever-beloved memory of the late Right Hon. Charles Howard, Earl of Castile; and likewise to the precious remembrance of the most imcomparable Lady Elizabeth Hastings. A review of the chruches of York, shewing their dimensions; with modern inscriptions and epitaphs over the graves of eminent persons of both sexes, who in life have been justly celebrated for hospitality, learning, virtue, temper, beauty and piety. A further historical account of Pontefract, and its once stupendous castle, adorn'd with Lofty towers; more than ever yet has been exhibited; with the various revolutions of its ancient glory, and the surprizing valour of its last most remarkable defenders. Also compleat indexes to the whole, illustrated with explanatory notes, describing remote parts of the earth; Kings famous in ancient mythology; founders of states and monarchies; and many curious observations proper to entertain the learned and ingenious reader. Faithfully and diligently collected by Thomas Gent, (electronic resource)



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