Context of The builder's magazine, and complete architectural library for architects, surveyors, carpenters, masons, bricklayers, &c. : As well as for every gentleman who would wish to be a competent judge of the elegant and necessary art of building. Consisting of designs in architecture, in every stile and taste, from the most magnificent and superb structures, down to the most simple and unadorned. Together with the plans, sections, and elevations, serving as an unerring assistant in the construction of any building, from a palace to a cottage. In which will be introduced, grand and elegant designs for chimney-pieces, ceilings, doors, windows, &c. proper for halls, saloons, vestibules, state rooms, dining rooms, parlours, drawing rooms, anti rooms, dressing rooms, bed rooms, &c. Together with designs for churches, hospitals, and other public buildings. Also plans, elevations, and sections, in the Greek, Roman, and Gothic taste, calculated to embellish parks, gardens, forests, woods, canals, mounts, vistos, islands, extensive views, &c. Exclusive of the new and elegant designs, ample instructions are given in the letter-press concerning all the terms of art used in every branch of building. Also, under proper heads, the laws for the regulation of buildings-the substance of the Builders Act, &c.-and a list of the prices allowed by the most eminent surveyors in London to the several artificers concerned in building. The whole forming a complete system of architecture in all its branches, and so disposed as to render the surveyor, carpenter, bricklayer, mason, &c. equally capable to erect a cathedral, a mansion, a temple, or a rural cot. ... Embellished with upwards of three hundred elegant quarto and folio engravings. By a Society of Architects, each having undertaken the department in which he particularly excels. Revised, corrected, and superintended, by Andrew George Cook, architect and builder

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